The Artist’s Story


Stacey, a lifelong sculptor, seamstress, craft enthusiast and portraitist, has been playing with Sculpey clay since age nine. In tenth grade, she spent hours fashioning a realistic doll of her English teacher as part of an assignment to try something new, and then write a paper about it.  Stacey left the doll on her teacher’s desk before he arrived, and the class howled as Mr. Westoff’s jaw dropped in surprise at the mini version of himself on the desk! He proceeded to enthusiastically snatch up the doll, and carry it around the school interrupting other teachers’ classes to show them what Stacey made! Thus was the first Dollface born.

Stacey’s dolls enjoy similar reactions to those of her high school classmates everywhere they appear. As a New York-based Musical Theatre performer, Stacey joined the National Tour of the Broadway Musical “Beauty and the Beast” in July 2012, traveling the country for 286 performances in over 70 cities. In November 2012, the cast put on a charity cabaret and benefit art auction, and Stacey decided, “What the heck? I’ll make a Belle doll to auction off!” Her castmates and crew members were so impressed they began commissioning her to make realistic dolls of themselves in costume or their favorite outfit. Stacey incorporated the smallest details in crafting a dozen tiny, detailed versions of her friends in costume. She spends between 30-50 hours on each doll to get the facial features and costume details exactly right.

Stacey recently completed the “Beauty and the Beast” tour, returned to New York, and is continuing to take new commissions from an ever-widening circle who recommend Dollface to their friends.

One thought on “The Artist’s Story

  1. Erin Zapcic says:

    STACEY!!! These are amazing! I had no idea you did these…you are SO talented!! 😀

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